There are only 2 reasons that men don’t wear socks with their shoes.
One could be that men are barbaric animals who don’t mind the sweaty feel of their clammy skin against slippery soles and also enjoy the obscene smell that fills up any room when they take their socks off.
OR it could also be that men can’t stand slippery no show socks that slide around the inside of their shoe. If the socks don’t even stay on your feet, then what’s the point?!
We get it. We really get it.
So the quest to create the ultimate no-show sock began! With years of design, hours of errors, and more walking miles than humanly possible – it finally happened. The best no show socks in the history of the universe were finally brought to life. Complete with our Skyba Sock Secret Feature!
The Skyba No Show Socks with Non Slip Heel Grip have changed the game.
How did we change the game so flawlessly, you ask? Simple. First, we examined the best no show socks on the market and broke down the 10 biggest (and littlest) flaws in each pair. Then, we eliminated each design flaw, one by one, with genius innovation.
So if you're a Vans lover, a converse collector, or rock the boat shoes, take a peek at what life could be like with the best no show socks for men...
#10: Elastic Arch Support
Problem: Casual shoe brands like Toms shoes are popular for their lightweight material and a simple design. However, that simple design also comes with very little arch support. Without proper support for your arches, get ready for sore, tired, and cramping feet after just a few hours of standing.
Solution: Turn any casual shoe into a ultra comfortable experience by adding extra support with your socks. Skyba’s snug and secure fit supports your arches, rather than allowing them to sink into the sole of your flat shoes. The secret is the elastic arch band woven together with 80% cotton, 15% polyester and 5% spandex that give the perfect amount of contour and stretch.

#9: Mesh Air Vent

Problem: Hot, sweaty, and stinky. With no ventilation, your socks become a sweat lodge for your feet! While very uncomfortable, improper ventilation can also leave a permanent odor in your socks, in your shoes, and can even lead to athletes foot.

Solution: While Skyba socks are thick on the bottom, the top features a mesh air vent that promotes breathability and moisture control. No more embarrassment of taking your stinky shoes off in public places, the discomfort of sweaty feet, or the risk of fungus between your toes.

#8: Thick Sole Padding

Problem: What happens after you wear a pair of no-show socks to the gym 5x a week or wear your low cut socks to work and walk around all day? Eventually, the bottom of your socks start to wear down and that’s when the holes appear! Not to mention, these thin socks provide absolutely no cushion for your achy feet!

Solution: The thick heel-to-toe padding makes these comfy socks last twice as long as any cheap department store brand while offering ultra comfortable padding that reduces foot fatigue! That means that you’ll spend less money buying new socks and less time shopping to replace your old socks.

#7: Smooth Edges

Problem: You’ll find many slip-on shoe brands with extra padding around the heel. Take Vans shoes for example. The back of their shoe is squishy to provide extra support and comfort. But if you try and wear your Vans with thick-edged socks, the two edges will look bulky and feel tight.

Solution: Skyba No Show Socks are created with an extra smooth edge that gently hugs your feet. You can slip on any pair of shoes – padded or not- and the invisible sock won’t interfere with the fit or irritate your ankles.

#6: 80% Combed Cotton

Problem: Feel your feet. Yes, actually feel them! The skin on the top of your feet is very thin. This part of your foot is the most sensitive area, prone to itchy reactions from low-quality material, especially when worn all day long.

Solution: Skyba socks are made with 200-thread count combed cotton; a blend  of cotton that has literally been combed to remove impurities while making the cotton extra soft. This kind of cotton is also higher quality with stronger, thinner, and more durable threads for long-lasting wear.

#5: Low Cut Design

Problem: When you’re wearing shoes with a low-cut design, like loafers or certain styles of Toms, it’s almost impossible to find a no show sock that totally disappears into the shoe.Often, this is the biggest shoe/sock compromise of them all.

Solution: The super low-cut of Skyba socks rest at the top of your arch, rather than at your ankle. Still very comfortable with a non-slip grip, this feature allows your Skyba sock to be completely invisible when you’re wearing Converse, Toms, Vans, or Loafers.

#4: Flat Toe Seam

Problem: You know that little rubber lip at the toe of Converse shoes? You can feel it when you wiggle your toes or walk up stairs. If you are a Converse shoe lover, then you know that annoying feeling when the toe seam of your sock rubs against the seam on your converse shoe with every step.

Solution: Skyba socks have created a completely flat toe seam that will make you forget that you’re wearing socks all together. No more rubbing or chafing in your Converse shoes, boots, or boat shoes.

#3: No-Slip Silicone Grip

Problem: Ask anyone: What is the most annoying feature of no-show socks? It’s that they slip and scrunch down into your shoe! When this happens, you expose your bare skin to the shoe’s rough-edged material…and what do you get? Blisters!

Solution: We’ve perfected the non-slip silicone grip! The smooth silicone edge stays in place all day, so there is no more sliding, tugging, or readjusting. Slip your shoes on and off without having to worry about your socks coming with them.

#2: Deep Heel Pocket

Problem: Most no-show socks out there use a 2-point heel stitch. In other words: a really shallow heel that is basically useless! Less is not more when it comes to subtle socks. No-show socks are in such a hurry to hide themselves, that they skimp on material which ends up compromising the fit for appearance. Without much material covering your heel, your socks are bound to slip off your feet throughout the day.

Solution: The # 1 no-show sock secret: Skyba’s 5-point heel stitch that guarantees that your foot stays put! The sock is snug – but not too snug- so that you can experience full range of motion via running, walking, or climbing stairs without your heel wiggling out of your sock. Read more about our non slip design here

#1: Slip-Free Satisfaction Guaranteed

Problem: Let’s say you spend $12 on a pack of socks that claim to be “no slide” and “non slip” only to wear them to play tennis or soccer while they slide down your feet the entire match. And now that you’ve worn them…you can’t take them back. 

Solution: Skyba’s No-Slide 1-Year Money-Back Guarantee! The Skyba Brand prides themselves on being personal. While we run a pretty impressive operation, we aren’t some out-of-touch multi-national brand with call centers in obscure countries. We are an American company that loves to hear from our customers. Any problem, any time- let us know and we’ll fix it.


You wouldn’t buy crappy shoes, so why would you buy crappy socks to go with them? That’s like buying a lake-side mansion and filling it with inflatable furniture. It’s impractical and won’t last long.

Do your feet a favor with socks that reduce fatigue and blisters, and your shoes a service with socks that will keep them from getting stinky. All the while, maintaining that totally invisible, stylish look that you’re going for.

Oh, and the best part of all? Skyba socks cost around the same price as most name-brand socks…while lasting twice as long and feeling twice as comfortable.

Sunny weather and slip-on shoe season is right around the corner. Get your order in for a 3-pack of Skyba socks and let this summer prove to you that these are the best no show socks of 2018.