How to prevent no show socks from slipping or sliding? What is the proper way to wear no show socks? How to get no show socks to stay up?

One of the most common complaints about no show socks is that they keep sliding down under the foot and into your shoe. This problem is especially common with mid or low cut no show socks. Slipping socks are extremely annoying and can easily ruin your day.

We spent 6 months at the factory testing and perfecting the no show sock. Here are the 3 features we found that will guarantee a no slip design.

The 5 Point Heel Stitch

A deep heel pocket with a 5 point heel stitch is the single most important feature that will keep your socks from slipping. Most no show socks use a Y stitch or a 3 point heel stitch which is simply not enough to keep the socks up. You may ask, why don’t all no show socks use this stitch? Machines capable of knitting this technical stitch are more expensive and hard to find.  


no show socks that don't slip

Silicone Heel Grip

After the heel pocket, the second most important feature is the silicone grip. We determined the large, flat and circular heel grip to be the most effective. Some socks use three smaller strips which we found to be uncomfortable and provide less grip.


large silicone grip keeps no show socks from slipping

Elastic Arch Support

Surprisingly, elastic arch support is not very common with lower cut no show socks. In addition to being more comfortable, socks with arch support conform to your foot and leave no gap under the arch. This provides a snug and secure fit that further prevents sliding.

socks that dont slip

Invisible all day comfort with a heel that never slips. Try our top rated No Show Socks today!