Think back to a day where your socks- or lack there of- actually were to blame for a bad time. Slipping on a trampoline, walking around with your big toe poking out of a new hole, or falling on your face during Pilates because of slippery feet. Now imagine a world where these things never happen! Welcome to the world of Skyba, where these activities become effortless and enjoyable

  1. Walking

Think about babies who slip and slide all over the place trying to find their bearing or seniors whose muscles aren’t what they used to be. These socks not only provide a sticky surface to grip onto slippery surfaces but they also provide peace of mind. You can put a bit more confidence into your toddler knowing that they are able to toddle more securely and into your elderly mother or father who now have a bit more support under their feet.

  1. Yoga and Pilates

Sweaty feet are your worse enemy when it comes to working out on hardwood floors. Trying to hold Downward Dog or Table Top just isn’t possible once your feet start to slide out from under you. The breathable and flexible polyester blend fabric of your Skyba socks will allow your yoga poses to use range of motion while the silicone grips support each pose and each stretch just as you intend.

  1. Recovery

Rehabbing from a leg injury or a back injury means that your muscles may not be as sturdy as they once were. You need that extra bit of security with every step you take, almost holding you in place, so that you are not constantly at risk to take a fall. Starting from the beginning of recovery with trips to the bathroom, to the end of recovery where you doing laps around the hospital or your home are much easier with Skyba encouragement.

  1. Kids’ Activities

If you haven’t heard by now, the Trampoline Park trend is on fire! These jump houses full of trampoline platforms are a great form of exercise and fun for kids of all ages- just make sure they have the appropriate foot gear! Most trampoline parks require trampoline socks with non-slip grips like Skyba’s. Outside of the trampoline park, your little ones can wear their comfy grip socks for Barre class, yoga practice, and dance class.

  1. Household Chores

Standing on your tippy toes to dust on high shelves, schlepping a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs, or carrying big baskets of laundry around a house full of hard wood floors can be a treacherous job. Slip on a pair of Skyba gripping socks to reduce your chances of falling, sliding, or slipping.

  1. Relaxing

There’s just something special about taking off your heels or flats at the end of the day and slipping into snug, warm socks. The black contrast against the white silicone dots make you feel fashionable even when you’re lounging and the soft fabric makes these socks so comfortable that you will even want to sleep in them- and you can.


Play, be silly, go wild and then relax with a little piece of mind from Skyba.